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Filling His Captive Cock Hole

Le beau gosse Tyler a été capturé par le sadique jeune Jeremy et le minet est sur le point de recevoir une leçon. Les bras attachés aux chaînes de son banc balançoire, il est sommé de sucer la viande dure et non coupée que le dom boy en rut sort de son pantalon. Tyler, dès qu'il goûte le délicieux outil charnu, semble confus de l'aimer autant. La raideur de sa propre bite donne le ton. Il ne peut pas s'en empêcher, sa bite est si rigide et les branles et les succions que lui donne le sournois Jérémy font baver sa trique de plaisir. Son cul est tout aussi savoureux, ce que Jeremy ne tarde pas à découvrir en léchant le trou du minet et en y enfonçant profondément sa bite bareback. Tyler pourrait peut-être s'échapper lorsque ses bras sont enfin libérés, mais au lieu de cela, le minet se penche et prend à nouveau la viande dure, baisée profondément par derrière et finalement éclaboussée par le sperme de son maître, sa propre érection enragée faisant exploser son produit crémeux en signe de soulagement. Le minet a peut-être fait plaisir à Jérémy par sa volonté de le prendre, mais il est rapidement remis en sécurité.

Naughty Twink Slapped And Stuffed

Mysterious Dimitri arrives with his cock loaded and ready to be pleased, and naked little Antu has little choice in the matter. The twink is bound tight and blindfolded, taking the slaps from the dom and obediently sucking the thickening cock presented for him to worship. With his hair pulled and his mouth stuffed the twink gags on the dripping cock in his face, working hard to please the mysterious master. Bent over for his hole to be licked the twink submits completely, the raw shaft plunging between his cheeks and pounding his pucker raw and deep. Master Dimitri claims the spanked twink’s hole for his pleasure until his captive is begging for his cream, the taste of master’s cum making Antu burst his own goo from his dick.

Sub Slut Hole Fucked Raw

Dave Andrew brings the right friend to a secret gay sex dungeon and it's soon obvious that he's made the right choice to entice boy-next-door. After looking over some of the toys they've got to play with little Dave takes the initiative, locking his new toy boy in a collar and chain and leading him over to suck on his big young cock. Leon is finally getting what he wanted from his cute pal, slurping his rigid boner and consuming the juice leaking from it, but he's soon getting even more when young Dave rams his bareback twink dick between his cheeks and jabs him with his cock. Leon loves every thrust of that naked young tool in his fuckhole, riding that meat or taking it from behind, his hairy pucker finally getting a splashing of warm cream and some juice fucked into it. With his slutty hole satisfied he can wank off and pump his own cum out while his sexy young master watches.

Get naked and obey us

Adam Keller came to be dominated by two hooded Masters. He has to get naked and then offer his holes. Which he does obediently. He is going to get fucked all night long. As soon as he gets on his knees in front of the bosses, the gay twink feels perfectly at the right place and horny. His butthole is so wet. The doms make him their new sex toy and fill him with cock and cum for one hard night.

Pounded raw and blindfolded

Giorgio wants to get fucked hard and to try new things. Dom Fabrice is going to realize his wish and fuck him raw, blindfolded and tied up. Suddenly, Giorgio feels completely at the mercy of the top, does not know what is going on, does not see anything and can focus on the sensation of the big cock that explores his holes so deep.

You need hard gay sex, follow me

Mateo is not the most beautiful guy but he is a thug and a hard fucker who turns on the most gorgeous gays. Pretty Cesar can't resist the call of the dom. When Mateo tells him to follow him, Cesar knows he's going to get pounded. And the truth is that he loves that, even more he needs it. So he goes to Mateo's house and lets him spank him before being fucked mercilessly like a slave.

Fucked like in his hardest fantasies

Daniel, a blond gay twink, had a fantasy of being dominated hard by a handsome macho of his own age. Ruthless Vitali is going to lead him into a sex session beyond all his expectations. Daniel finds himself tied up in the trunk of a car. Vitali drives to a secluded spot then opens the trunk and helps himself to Daniel's offered holes which he explodes with his long cock. Daniel is about to discover what it's like to be really fucked hard and unscrupulous by a bad boy. It's going to be tough and he's not going to miss a single drop of cum in his mouth.

Make me your toy

Axel has a fantasy: to be dominated while not being able to move. He asks his regular dom to realize this fantasy and feels more horny and obedient than ever. Put on a SM disposal, Axel feels that his body is now owned by Master and lets himself be used like a toy. His fantasy is now a reality for his greatest pleasure and he honors the cock. His little ass will take a lot of cum.

Feeding The Pup Fresh Cock Cream

Edwin, a very dom tattooed bad boy has trained Neil to become a gay puppy. Now he has him on a leash and owns his holes. Neil has become over the sessions perfectly obedient. He knows his place, he feels well in belonging with his Master and loves when this one catches him by the collar to drag him in his dungeon to fuck his holes. Neil gets screwed as much as he needs to and ends up at Master's feet waiting for the cream.

Have you ever been dominated?

Sergei takes his buddy Tommy into his secret dungeon. Tommy has never been dominated and with his vicious smile Sergey offers him to try. He starts to tie him up. Tommy had no idea that his buddy was so kinky and when he takes out his whip he understands that this is going to be hard. When he fucks, Sergei becomes a control freak and knows how to be obeyed. Tommy discovers the thrill of taking orders from a top dude who fucks mercilessly and will end up with his ass blown off and a big spurt in his mouth.

Seeding and breeding a young hole

Evan knows where to go looking for some good cock. The abandoned building is where a lot of local guys hook up for some tasty dick and as soon as he arrives he finds handsome lad Dan jerking his big uncut meat in an empty room. He's quickly in there and taking over for him, getting down on his knees to taste the delicious dick, taking a good face fucking and getting some deep throat action on the lad's meat. The boy knows what he needs and after slurping that fickstick and getting it dripping wet he's bent over with his ass up for Dan to fill. The sexy blond boy jabs his stick inside, fucking his new buddy from behind before flipping him over for some deeper missionary ramming. Evan is loving it, his cock spitting his fresh cream from his hooded helmet and making a hot mess, soon doubled by the ball juice Dan spurts all over his fucked hole, pumping his fresh load right inside Evan's chute for some seeding and breeding.

Dominated By Raw Monstercock

Curtis is gagged and tied to a cross by Kaleb, a young dom who will introduce him to hard sex and show him how good it is to be ferociously fucked. Curtis is nervous at first, not used to being so offered to a guy. But once he's in Kaleb's hands and tasting his good cock, everything feels natural. He loves to suck it, he loves to take it in his ass. He wants to be his. Hard sex is life.