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Big man Luke is surveying the old warehouse for his bosses when he catches young Matthew defacing another wall. He's not the kind of man a boy should be making angry, or perhaps he is? Matthew tries to run, but there's no escaping the powerful hunk or his hard uncut fuckstick. This man knows how to teach a boy like Matthew a lesson, tearing his t-shirt off and shoving the boy to his knees, his already throbbing cock quickly stuffed into the boy's mouth. Matthew knows he needs to obey, licking the man's heavy balls and sucking on his dick, drinking the precum pumping from it. Pushed up against the wall with his shorts tugged down his hot little ass is on show, and it's not empty for long. Luke jabs his naked cock inside, fucking the boy hard before making Matthew ride his dick on the dirty floor. With his butt aching Matthew wanks off and erupts a massive mess of cum all over the ground, soon to be matched by the humiliating cum load Luke spews all over him.

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Drake Singh been held for hours, wondering what might happen to him, so when horny twink boy Colin Taylor arrives to make use of him he's kinda relieved to be partially freed. Released from his restraints on the floor, his blindfold removed, the boy is bent over a stool for the perfect fucking position. Of course, his young captive wants to feed him first, shoving his hairy young cock up into the twink's innocent little face. The obedient sucking is just a taster, with the captive boy's hole fingered and relaxed he slides his big raw twink cock into him, fucking him from behind. His big balls swing and sway with every thrust as he uses his plaything, the pleasure building until he has to pull out and splash his cream up the boy's back. His captive toy might have been reluctant at first but as the semen drips down his crack his own boner is soon erupting.

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Not being a local boy twink Taylor Mason has never encountered bully jock Robbie Kasl, he has no idea the dude likes to make lads suck his massive meat and take his cock in their raw little holes. Caught out in a derelict building having a smoke he's soon got something much bigger for his mouth to work on, with Robbie's monstercock between his lips. The dude doesn't give a fuck, when he wants to fuck he'll shove it anywhere warm, tight and wet. Face fucked and jacking off, Taylor's ass is soon up and being filled, but even though it's such a big cock for his little twink hole he can endure it. When Robbie finally makes the boy splash cum all over himself he can't hold his own load back any longer, pulling out to shower his little fuck toy with masses of warm goo.

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Chase Wolf should have known his friend Dimitri Vega would take advantage when they discover some sexy restraints in the dungeon. Things start out playful enough, his hands cuffed and a collar around his neck, but Dimitri soon reveals his true dominant side when the boy is stripped down to his underwear and chained to the cross, as vulnerable as can be. His pert little twink ass takes some painful spanking, making the boy cry out in anguish, but it's the feel of his friend's big raw cock cramming into his tight little pucker that really shows him what a submissive little bitch he is. Fucked hard from behind and released to suck on the juicy tool that's just been inside him he shows he's greedy for it, easily turned by the feel of such a meaty cock inside him. It's a good thing he's come around to it, he's quickly on his back and getting a last powerful fucking from his slim friend, a cum shot splashed out over him and his own dick drained of thick cream.

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Wilson Nouvak and Dave Andrew have come prepared with rope, a collar and some handcuffs, and sweet Cesar Rose has no idea what's in store when they pick him out as their target for punishment. Maybe they could have just asked him to suck their dicks and get fucked raw by both of them, but where's the fun in that? After a taste of dick in the park the boy finds himself back at their lair, his hole licked out and his mouth stuffed with big juicy uncut meat, the two finally taking their turns in his tight hole. Gagging on cock and being rammed in all directions he can't hide his enjoyment despite the rope and cuffs. With cum blasting in his face his own dick is soon spewing cum.

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Fit boy Sly Conan is out on the prowl when lean and twinky Cesar Rose catches his eye. It takes a while before the boy realizes he's being stalked, but he still seems to have no clue what the handsome lad is really after. Perhaps he knows he's looking for sex, but he doesn't seem to realize he's about to become Sly's fuck slave! When the young man gets him alone he pounces, grabbing young Cesar and tying his hands, revealing his meaty cock and stuffing it in the boy's face. It's not that Cesar knows he should comply, it's that he doesn't want to fight back. The taste of precum leaking into his mouth has his own cock bulging and oozing clear juice, he craves more. Bent over with his ass on show he takes an aggressive fingering, but the digits inside are only prepping him for the raw ramming meat Sly is about to deliver. Fucked hard from behind the boy cries out, his torment mixed with pleasure as he takes it, his dick bouncing and glistening. When the handsome dom has had enough of his hole he pulls out to deliver the final act of ownership, firing off ropes of cum over his captive's face, an action which soon has Cesar wanking out his own heavy cream.


Gregor Gilead has been caught snoozing on the couch in nothing but his sexy little underwear, of course devious hard-dicked boys Martin Hovor and Antony Carter are going to make use of their buddy ! With a big juicy cock in his face and a hand wanking his own stiff inches he slowly wakes up to be properly used by his friends, perhaps knowing that he can't fight them off but compliant in the extreme, grabbing both the delicious tools offered to him while he sucks on the bulbous tips and worships their dongs as demanded. His feast of boner is only just beginning, when handsome Martin sees an opportunity to shove his naked cock up the lads ass he takes it. Fucked and fed by both demanding boys the skinny lad is almost used to the limit, but they're not gonna be done until they've crammed both those big bareback cocks into his tight hole and frotted their meat together inside him. He's never experienced twink dp fucking before, but when his pals pull out to explode their thick cream all over his face it's clear this damaged twink will never be looking for more double-fucking from his buddies in the future.

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The setting is perfect for a couple of boys like Will Nouvak and Cesar Rose, everything is there for them to use but they quickly settle on a collar and paddle. There's no pretense, just a hot little twink ass ready to be spanked and a willing boy happy to take it like a champ. With his cheeks exposed the leather comes crashing down on Cesar's rump, his chain tugged as cries escape him. No gag is needed, a wet and stiff uncut cock can perform that task as his dominant friend fucks his mouth. With the twink spanking making his smooth cheeks glow uncomfortably he's soon begging for something soothing, something the raw young cock sliding up into his snug hole can provide. Ridden expertly from behind Cesar soon finds himself laying back in the leather swing, his pucker stuffed once again by dominant boy Will, his cock bulging in his stroking hand while his pal pumps in and out of his smooth little rump, cum spewing from his uncut dick to splash out over his abs. As the smell of fresh semen fills our athletic top boy's nostrils his own dick finally reaches its limit of raw pleasure, pulling out in time to erupt over his obedient boy's cock and balls.

Young Burglar’s Raw Punishment

Young Johnny Polak picked the wrong apartment to break into. If he'd known massive muscle man Zack Hood owned the place he would have had second thoughts. Although, come to think of it, perhaps he wouldn't? The big man flies into a rage, understandably so, but when a dude like this has a boy like Johnny to punish it's that tight twink hole that's gonna get it. With his clothes down and his face reddened with slaps the boy is made to suck on that big solid muscle cock, paying for his crime with his wet mouth. The boy is clearly in trouble, but with Zack fucking his face and feeding him precum he can't help but get hard. The boy's cock is rigid, even when Zack bends him over and drives his bareback fuckstick deep into his pucker, ramming him from behind, pinning him on his back by the neck and making Johnny ride his prick. Pumping cream from his young cock Johnny gets off, and Zack isn't far behind, pulling out to unload his cream over the boy before kicking him out. I think it's likely Johnny will be breaking in again in less than a week.


David Paw doesn't hold back when it comes to teaching his new houseslave Dani order and discipline. Since the young lad is apparently too dumb to even clean a window, he's treated to some special conditioning: polishing the plate glass clean with his tongue, kneeling on the floor as a footstool (all the while fucking himself with a dildo), and finally some toe-jam cleaning for the boss? feet. David gets boned up hard from the situation and the little whore has to take a 21cm-dong deepthroat facefucking as a result. Once the motor is running, the young slave gets run through and gets a faceful of cum to end the training session.


Now Moskito’s really got a taste for fresh dick Kallamacka style – but he needs it even filthier. He’s found his match with cheeky-as-fuck Sky, who is more than happy to use this bit of beef as his personal fuck puppet. Hocking gobs of spit into his bottom bitch’s mouth and making him suck on his swollen, hairy nads while he squats over his face wanking his meat, Sky just takes what the chav lad knows he’s owed. Once he’s really horned up he rides his new hole out, buttfucking Moskito on his back to watch his every twitch. Finally the scrote tightens up and it’s baby batter time – a fat, chunky load right in the fucktoy’s face.


Mickey might not look like the kind of lad to drop to his knees and hinge his jaw open to suck cock at the drop of a hat with his rugged tatts and rough working hands, but put a piece of prime meat like Dan in front of him and he’s all slut. Teasing his bottom bro’s mouth bouncing his rock-hard dong in his face, Dan winds his buddy up until he’s ripe to be bent over a work table in this abandoned factory and take his deep, relentless fucking like a good man should. Liters of cum spew all over their stomachs when the guys can’t hold back any longer.