Stosszeit - FILM COMPLET
Stosszeit - FILM COMPLET

Stosszeit - FILM COMPLET

Time: 95 min

Timo and Marcel are jerking off on the cellar steps. But soon this is no longer enough for Timo. He grabs Marcel and fucks his face and he starts to drool. He then takes his ass in the same juicy way.Ruben is training. The cool boys Ivan and Timo watch him while smoking. But then they come up with a new exercise for Ruben and they want to be actively involved: Ruben has to lick and suck and is constantly fucked in both holes and the boys really work up a sweat. Timo and Tony are training. But Tony quickly loses strength. Trapped under the heavy barbells he has no choice other than to open his mouth and to suck Timo's fat cock. Timo only lets him free when his rod has been sucked so that it's nice and hard and then Timo's ready for a few extra rounds in Tony's ass. Jordan and Tony are sitting and chatting in an underground car park. But Jordan is not too fond of verbal conversation. He pulls out his fat knob and quickly engages Tony in a deep exchange until the essence of the dialogue is copiously spread over Tony's baseball cap. Peto and Basti meet in a public toilet and, as equally as dirtily as the toilet itself, Peto carries out his tough plan of action with Basti by having a good go at Basti's mouth and ass with his smelly knob. In the small breaks in between Basti is allowed access to Petos sneakers and gets his dirty socks in his face. Bonus Track 1: In an old factory, Jens and Basti sit, smoke a cigarette and chat. Then Jens notices that Basti needs something bigger to suck on and gives him a taste of his juicy dick and smelly feet.Bonus Track 2: Peto and Basti (in the NY Club)At the KALLAMACKA Porn Party in May 2009 in Munich's New York Club Peto and Basti really get down to it on the stage in front of 200 onlookers: cool sneakers, sweaty socks, fat cocks, juicy asses, horny fuck action until the juice flows.CASTING : Timo Krupp, Marcel Hoffmann, Ivan Rueda, Tony Maya, Ruben Fux, Peto Coast, Basti Winkler, Jordan Fox, Jens

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