Nachspiel - FILM COMPLET
Nachspiel - FILM COMPLET

Nachspiel - FILM COMPLET

Gay video. Time: 98 min

?REVENGE? is the seventh film in the famous KALLAMACKA series by It was made on the disused ?RSA Harnekop? air base, the nerve centre of the former GDR's special push. Three pot-heads, Timo, Ivan and Tony are rolling a joint and are starting to get seriously fucked and horny. Tony, lying on an old fire barrel, has to hold out through all holes as the other two get to work on his mouth and arse and let off steam on him. In the doorway of a block of flats Brody latches onto Basti, a submissive little sod, and push him to suck his big fat cock and to lick his filthy TNs before fucking him senseless. Timo and Tony work in a warehouse. But Tony still doesn't grasp what goes into what box and only seems to be good at sucking and getting fucked. So Timo gets him to suck his dick, ties him at the wrists to a steel beam and twists his nipples before thoroughly humping him and pushing him to come against his will. Ivan and Ruben meet up with beverage and tablecloth for a picnic. As Ruben gets undressed and lies down Ivan lights up a fag before sticking his BWs and socks into his mouth and gobbing at him. Ruben fights back but laddy Ivan gets the upper hand and push him to suck his knob and to get fucked. In the end he shoots his wad all over Ruben who is invited to lick off his own cum. Builders Brody and Tony are piling up stones ? in fact only Tony is slogging while Brody sits around with a fag. Once Tony has finished working he asks him for a cigarette but Brody immediately sticks it deep into his gob and arse until it glows and can only be put out with the help of a massive load of cum. Bonus: Jens drives his jeep through the woods while carrying on board some very hot merchandise. He stops and sets Ruben free who is immediately invited to blow him and lick his sneakers. Then he sits on his face and has his arse and balls licked while lighting up. After shooting a huge load he simply leaves Ruben in the lurch and drives off. Five scenes plus bonus. Hard and domineering against willing and submissive. Gentle fucking was yesterday ? today is KALLAMACKA. 100 minutes of tough action of the finest quality!

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