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Nestor probably wasn't expecting this when he went out for a walk in the park. Dave and Fabrice have been out on the prowl, looking for a good hole for their XL twink cocks to slide into, and he's the perfect candidate. He might not be willing to go with them at the start, but once they have him under their control in private his natural lust for big bare cocks is quickly revealed. It could be argued that he could fight back if he really wanted to, even with his wrists cuffed, but when their juicy tools are in his face and he's made to taste their precum he seems to be increasingly compliant participant in their kinky game. The boys take turns, feeding him their leaking tools and fucking his mouth with their meat, but their need for wet oral is only the start. Bent over and with his cheeks quickly parted his tight hole takes a thorough licking, followed up by some deep and probing fingering, prepping him for the fucking of a lifetime. The devious boys make full use of their sex slave, a cock in both ends, their raw meat sliding in and out of his mouth and ass in a spitroasting he'll never forget. When two boys share a toy with two holes it's only right they get to swap, Dave and Fabrice taking turns to use his naked ass and hungry mouth until the boy's are finally at their limit. With his handsome face drenched in their warm cum, the taste of semen sliding down his throat, Nestor is finally permitted to jack off and empty his own big cock of thick cream, erupting in a volcano of ball juice.


JD Black hooked up with the wrong guy, or perhaps the right one? He's been roped up and left hanging from the beam in nothing but a t-shirt and his bulging underwear, but although he's scared when bearded Damian Boss arrives the boy's big uncut cock can't stay down. Damian is a real man, the kind of guy who gets what he wants, and after exploring the boy's smooth body and big dick just a little he's sure his new captive can satisfy him. Freeing the boy just enough to be able to use him correctly he lowers the twink to the floor, his massive uncut meat soon out and ready to be serviced. JD might have been reluctant at the start but the offer of such a delicious piece of manhood quickly has him greedy for it, sucking on the presented shaft, cramming as much cock into his mouth as possible. The boy has proven his greed, but can he be the gay fuck slave satisfy Damian's needs and take that fat cock up his raw ass? With a little licking of the boy's smooth hole the dominant man finds out, easing his incredible member between the boy's cheeks, prodding into his pucker and filling him up. It's soon certain that his ass is just as capable as his mouth as JD takes it deep, fucked hard from behind and riding the big guy's XXL cock until cum spurts from the boy's dick in a climactic display. The jizz-splashed boy proves his worth once more, lapping the cum erupting from Damian's satisfied tool as his heavy balls purge their seed.


Danny Boss is desperate for cock and cum, but he's in the best place to find it. Bairon Hell just needs a wet mouth to feed and a hairy man hole to fuck, so when the two meet in the dark recesses of the sex club their equally greedy lust to get off quickly takes over. Danny is quickly on his knees, a thick piece of fuckmeat in his face, his mouth being used by the aggressive Bairon as precum flows from his swollen tip. Gagging on dick, with the smell of sweat, cum and spit flooding his nostrils he can't wait to feel that naked shaft filling his hairy hole. Bent over and jabbed aggressively between his plump cheeks he takes it, his own veiny cock glistening with desperation in his stroking hand while Bairon owns him. His warm butt massages Bairon's meat deep inside, his bareback length pumping clear juice inside him, prodding at his prostate and making his balls pull up tight in their sack. Listening neighbors in the club can hear their grunts as the pleasure grows and Danny kneels ready to be anointed with semen, his own dick erupting in a fountain of gratifying release, cum spewing from his wet tip to drench his hairy body, raining over his thighs and the cum-stained floor. His final reward approaches while he squeezes more jizz from his dick, Bairon shooting his own juicy load all over his handsome face, into his thirsty cum-whore mouth.


Dmitry wastes no time when he and his buddy Nestor discover the kinky remnants of a gay bondage session. We don't know who left the Saint Andrew's Cross in the middle of the floor but Dimitry soon has his pal tied down, his big hard cock revealed, the boy's mouth ready to be used. Nestor might not have expected their afternoon to become such a horny game of cock lust but the boy becomes obedient quickly, the taste of his friend's dick in his face urging him to enjoy it. It's not like the slutty boy has much choice but to suck on Dimitri's massive meat, his hands and ankles tied to the wooden cross, his exposed body unable to move. With precum and spit smeared over his handsome features his own meat gets some slurping by dominant Dimitry, an encouraging act that can only make the boy more compliant. Flipped over and restrained again Nestor endures as the big swollen length of his friends naked dick eases between his cheeks, poking through the tight hole and filling him up. The first few thrusts might be painful but as Nestor proves his willingness to take it he's granted more freedom. Kneeling and taking it from behind he's soon moaning with delight, the pleasure arriving in waves as his friend's naked tool slides in and out, his own big dong swinging and bouncing. Submitting fully to the pleasure his friend is delivering young Nestor slides his hole down on Dimitri's tool, jerking off and fucking himself with his friend's shaft, unleashing a torrent of cum from his own boner before greedily taking a creamy mess of splashing semen in his face.


Fit lad Jesse is just planning to enjoy a good book in bed, but his horny friends Ron and Anthony have other ideas! The two leap in and make clear in a matter of moments that while he might be reluctant they can team up to make use of him. Perhaps not surprisingly all it takes is a hard long cock in his face and he's soon sucking on both his friends, his own dick out of his pants and in his fist while the two use his mouth between them. The taste of fresh precum from their big teen boners is enough to have him submitting to their will, not that they would necessarily need his permission to use his tight hole. Ron goes first, jabbing his big young cock into his ass and fucking his raw hole while Anthony continues to feed his face and make him worship his cock. Teaming up to use him the right way the boys take turns, jabbing their fucksticks in both ends, using his pucker for their own entertainment until the handsome lad is drenched in cum and wanking his own XL cock to get his pent-up load erupting.


Ethan might be a captive at the mercy of kinky dom Andreas but he's clearly there to please. With his wrists cuffed, hanging from the rafters, he can't refuse the attentions of the horny lad when Andreas makes clear that he needs to be serviced. The naked young man soon has the lad's thick and wet cock in his face, demanding to be sucked. The delicious length slips between his lips and he gets to work, slurping the uncut tool and drinking all the clear juice oozing from it. He might be there against his will but when Andreas turns his attention to that smooth little ass and slides his naked cock between those cheeks our captive boy isn't complaining. Fucked from behind and used like a little slut he's finally given just enough freedom to enjoy his own rigid cock, wanking himself off while Andreas continues to pound his hole. As Ethan's cum spills from his dick to the sound of his moans of bliss Andreas pulls his tool free and jerks his tool to a splashing climax, gushing splooge from his own XL cock all over his slave bottom's ass, easing his sensitive cock right back in again and leaving some of his load inside his prisoner.


Kamyk knows that when he goes to the sex club he'll find a horny dude to feed and fuck, and they don't get much hungrier than handsome lad David. He's always looking for a new cock to stuff his mouth and fill his raw hole, and this young man certainly knows how to use his tool to maximum effect. The two swap spit for a while before their hunger finally spills over and David gets on his knees, quickly slurping down his new friend's wet and juicy cock. With precum sliding down his throat and his own hard dick in his wanking hand David is clearly desperate for more. Kamyk is eager to give it to him, too, starting in on the guy's hole with his lips and tongue, eating out his twitching pucker and breathing in his musky scent before plunging his naked tool deep into his new buddies warm hole. Pounding his bareback ass he fucks David on his back, railing him in the back room while music blares through the club. His hole feels so good it's no wonder he shoots off so much cum all over that hole when he finally pulls out to let his cream slash. With his dick still drooling semen he slides right back inside to seed his buddy, it's enough to have David spewing his own goo out over himself.


When Dimitri has a load of cum in his balls all he can think about is finding someone to help him get it splashing. As soon as he spies sexy young Alan in the park the boy becomes his target, whether he wants that dick or not. Grabbing the lad and taking him behind the trees his big cock is soon out of his pants and in Alan's face, not that the slutty young captive is reluctant once he's had a taste of that juicy shaft. The taste of that big young cock is all he needs to be submitting to the unexpected encounter. Face fucked and spat at Alan does his best to worship the boy's big boner but Dimitri isn't gonna be satisfied until he's fucked that hot ass. Hidden from view back at the devious boy's lair he can finally take full control, handcuffing his victim and bending the boy over, stuffing his raw teen cock between the guy's cheeks and ramming him hard, filling him with his big tool. Alan can't hide his delight, he might not have planned this but he can't deny the feel of that big fuckmeat sliding in and out of his hole is just too good. The taste of fresh cum will finally turn him into an obedient little slut.


David doesn't put up much of a fight when horny lads Diego and Dan decide that his pretty mouth needs some fucking cock it in. Within moments he's on his knees, where he should be, his friends sticking their big dicks in his face and demanding he suck them. Even if he's reluctant he's obedient, soon drooling a sticky glistening mix of spit and precum down his beard while the lads share his hungry mouth between them, fucking his face and wanking off. If he thinks he's gonna get out of the bar without getting his ass stuffed he's wrong. With their fuckmeat drooling and their balls loaded with cum the lads take turns in his hole, each craving the feel of his tight chute around their dong. Dan goes first, cramming his big cock into his hole from behind while he's made to gobble on the thick piece Diego demands he worship, then it's time for him to claim that rump and give their buddy his rigid length. David's moans and the hard shaft in his own hand while the two use him is proof enough that he's secretly loving it, but that's only confirmed when he's wanking out his load and tasting the fresh semen from their fingers.


Smooth James has been waiting a while, naked and chained up on the cross, but that's intentional. Yah likes to torment the lads in his dungeon and leave them wondering what's gonna happen, the nervousness makes them hornier for his meat. With his cock loaded with cream he's ready to make use of the boy, kicking things off with some slapping and punches, showing the lad he's in charge before releasing him from the restraints for some feeding. Yah's cock is so rigid and damp with pre, but James knows he needs to properly suck it and treat it right if he wants that dick in his ass. While it's all about Yah getting what he wants he doesn't mind if his slave strokes off while he fucks him from behind, he likes to see his captives shooting their cum loads too, but only after he's properly used them and make them taste his own jizz. He rams the lad from behind, his cum-laden nuts swinging with every hard thrust, their moans of pleasure filling the room. It might be rough but James cam take it, he's been a slutty bottom for a while and lives to serve. On his back and rammed some more James is close to shooting off, but he's not gonna pump that cream before he's sucked the juice out of his master's powerful fuckstick.


Master Aaron is the kind of lad all the other guys in the gang don't argue with, he be a mean fucker if they try to deny him his right to use their holes. David knows it all too well, so when the chav lad comes looking for a mouth to feed and a man hole to fuck he's immediately obedient. He starts out licking his sneakers, he knows Aaron likes to see his guys being little bitches like that, but soon enough his 7-unch uncut fickstick is out of his sweats and sliding into David's greedy mouth. After sitting back and letting David do all the work on his leaking tool he turns his attention to his mates ass, spitting between his cheeks and fingering his fuckhole. He only needs a little spit in there to make it easy to fill, he doesn't give a fuck whether David needs lube or not. He slides in, his balls slapping while he rams his mate and uses his fleshy chute, it's better than any of the toys he's got and definitely hotter than his hand. Taking his slave from behind he gets his load worked up, a good fucking messy one, pumping out of his cock and drenching David's mouth with cream. As soon as he tastes his master's load he's ready to squirt his own cum up himself.


Yah-Jil has a special delivery for Dan, in the form of fit young captive Yago. He's blindfolded, but even though he didn't volunteer for this his big uncut cock can't stay soft when he's got two long and meaty pricks to service. Fucked in his face and wanked off Yago is soon willingly worshiping every inch of fuckmeat coming his way, his face and mouth smeared with precum. Now the top lads know he's hooked on dick they can release his handcuffs and show him the cocks he's been sucking on, taking him to the bedroom for his ass to take a proper fucking. Dan goes first, stuffing his big meat into the guy's hole and ramming him from behind while Yah makes their slave gobble his manhood some more, then it's time for the bearded delivery guy to get his reward, taking his turn to ram in deep. He might have been reluctant at first, but by the time he's squirting all over Dan and getting a load over his fucked hole he's loving it.