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Raw Gay Bondage

Dmitry wastes no time when he and his buddy Nestor discover the naughty remains of a gay bondage session. We don't know who left the St. Andrew's cross in the middle of the floor but Dimitry soon has his boyfriend tied up, his big hard cock revealed. Nestor perhaps didn't expect their afternoon to turn into such exciting cock play. With precum and spit smeared all over his handsome features, Nestor slides his hole onto Dimitri's tool, jerking and fucking himself with his friend's shaft, releasing a torrent of cum from his own boner before greedily taking a splash creamy cum on her face.

Don't worry buddy, I'll fuck you well

This guy knows his best buddy by heart and he knows what he likes and needs: he needs a good cock several times a week in his holes! And that's what friends are for too. He likes to please his buddy, he's got a great dick and he gives him the benefit of it by giving it to him so that he can have a good time sucking and getting fucked. Good, friendly, hard sex, with no headaches and no modesty between guys.

On a leash and with a plug his ass

Gay twink Tommy loves it when a guy puts him on a leash, and he loves it even more when he gets a plug up his ass. Antu, his age's dominator, does both. Tommy feels perfectly dominated like this and it turns him on to the max. From then on, all he wants to do is worship Antu's cock and satisfy him with his holes. After fucking his mouth, Antu removes the anal plug, revealing Tommy's opened horny hole just waiting to get fucked. Tommy intends to swallow the cum once Antu has had enough of his ass.

Interview with a gay dom

This gay twink has an appointment of the utmost importance: he meets a gay dom guy who interviews him to see if he has the potential to become a regular. He discovers the pleasure of domination by being tied up and sucking cock in the most obedient way in the world. He'll also have to give his ass without limit and learn to open his holer. And, of course, to honor the hot cum.

Cum Hungry Twink Takes 2 Loads

Little Nico, on a leash, is led into the room by dominatrixes Mark and Vincent, and there's no time to lose. His smooth little ass is whipped by Vincent while Mark, the inked pussycat, is rubbed and sucked by their docile plaything. Of course, the twink is expected to suck and lick his two masters, a task he seems particularly good at as he moves from one hard cock to the other, their penises rubbing against each other in his face. Lying on his stomach, it's time for their toy to take their cocks into his tight, raw little hole, both taking their turn to plunge their hard lengths between his cheeks. Turned around for a deeper fuck, the two swap and pump her pussy some more, plunging their hot cocks in and out of her little hole until they're satisfied they've got two good loads of cum to feed her. He's not allowed to empty his own cock until he's sucked their squirt, but it's a messy task he's more than happy to perform.

He's waiting for us, he wants it hard

Evan and Alain are about to meet a bottom twink with a thirst for domination and cocks. The guy is waiting for them, tied up on the floor. He wants really hard sex. He's in luck: when they dominate a guy together, Evan and Alain can show no mercy. They're going to satisfy all the hard sex fantasies of this bottom thrill-seeker, fucking him through every hole and treating him like a real cum dump.

Taught To Take 2 Bare Cocks

Cute Tommy is introduced to a dom guy, Vincent, by his kinky friend Lance. His pants are pulled down and his mouth gagged. He's all set. With their rods wet and glistening with saliva and lubricant, the two dominators soon take turns filling his ass with their inches, each dom fucking his hole while the other continues to feed him his raw meat. When his hole has been fully fucked by the two eager guys, he begs for their hot cum to splash onto his pretty face.

We'd rather fuck than work

These 3 guys start a job in a delivery warehouse and from day one things get out of hand: all 3 guys are gay and horny. One is blond, one is brown and one is black. It's the latter who turns on his two colleagues, who get a hard-on for his smooth, muscular body and super sexy ass. The blonde starts to fuck him while the brunette gets his dick sucked. Then the handsome black guy climbs on the brunette's dick to get filed down. And that's not all: horny af, the guys try out a whole range of positions to get off. Why work when you can fuck ?

His Pucker Is So Tight

When Giorgio the rascal dom wants some ass, he helps himself. Gay twink Derek is immediately seduced and forgets his angelic air to gorge himself on the big cock and worship. His wet mouth works wonders and it makes Giorgio's thick cock hard all the way.Saliva and precum smeared all over his face, Derek feels his ass needs to get some too. His innocent hole is so tight, but Giorgio is persistent, lubricating that pucker with his dripping cock and pushing his dick deeper and deeper inside. Fucked on a leash and then full of cum on his face, Derek's going to feel who he belongs to now.

Hole learning with sexy asian twink with glasses

Vincent, a handsome, gay Asian twink with glasses and full of charm, brings a bottom twink, Antu, into his playroom, needing an introduction to gay sex. All Antu has to do is follow his lead. Vincent lets him open his jeans, then worships his swelling cock. Antu obediently worships, learns to take it deep in the throat and get his mouth fucked. Once his mouth is levelled, it's the endurance of his asshole that's put to the test. Vincent will fuck him deep, that's how it's done. And Antu will open up again and again, taking more and more pleasure.

An adorable gay twink for a horny gay couple

William and Mark are 2 guys aged 25 who have been a couple for 2 years. They love having 3-way sex and sharing good times together. They meet Aaron, an adorable gay twink, in a bar. He's got a sweet face and follows them to the hotel. Before long, the couple are caressing and taking possession of his body and holes. Aaron has never done a threesome before, and is comfortable playing with two big cocks at the same time. He also enjoys being the guest of this sexy couple who give him all the attention he deserves. His ass will cum like never before and his mouth will be satiated.

Learn how to get fucked by a bareback partner

Felix takes his friend Jack to a kinky place to give him a lesson in bareback, and within moments he's got his innocent friend tied up, leaning forward with his thin wrists tightly cuffed, his long uncut cock in his friend's mouth. The dom twink knows how to take charge and teach a new boy to suck, but his friend seems to like the taste of that slobbery cock and doesn't mind the lesson. Once Jack's pants are down and his smooth little ass is spanked, he's ready to take that big bareback cock inside him. Felix fills him up, the kitty's mouth stretching around his hot cock. He fucks young Jack for his own pleasure and soaks his cheeks with his hot cum in a spectacular climax. He pushes his wet meat back inside to give Jack a gooey prize to take home, and lets his friend jerk off to get his own juicy cream out. From the Young Bastards studio, starring Felix Harris and Jack Moon.