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Bound, Spanked & Bred

Dimitri and Cesar seem a little confused by the kinky contraption they discover in the dungeon, but it's soon apparent that Dimitri had a plan all along. Once he's got his friend bound up his ass is out for spanking, something his friend apparently enjoys. It's a good thing his buddy is such a kinky fucker, it makes owning his ass with a paddle and sliding his raw young cock in there much easier. Cesar was easily persuaded by that dick up his hole, he doesn't need to be told to suck it when he gets a moment of reprieve, before getting his pucker creamed and seeded like the common slutty bottom he so clearly is.

2 Big Cocks For His Hole

With some tape to tightly bind his wrists the boy is quickly on his knees with their big wet cocks in his face, competing for his warm sucking mouth. The boy obediently licks and slurps their meat, but he knows they’re gonna want more than just his mouth. Bent over and with his tight raw hole there for taking the two team up to feed and fuck him, their two big cocks filling his mouth and pucker while they swap and share him between them like boys share a wank toy. Giorgio is the kind of dom boy who doesn’t mind getting fucked himself so when he’s balls-deep in the boy Edwin takes the opportunity, taking the back of the train and pumping his thick and rigid fuckstick between his friend’s cheeks. After getting double the dick young Jack is soon getting double the cream as the two doms jack off over his face, dousing him with their hot mess and making him spit his own goop over the floor.

Hung Dom Owns His Boy

Devious lad Sly already has his favorite tools laid out and Jack has eyed them suspiciously, hoping not all of them will be used, but he’s lucky that the horny guy can’t wait to get his thick and wet cock out after just a little painful flogging. The boy’s smooth little rump has been adequately tormented but with that thick tool poking up into his raw hole the pain is soon replaced by pleasure. Obedient boy Jack loves it, even though he was scared the taste of that hung dom meat leaking precum in his mouth after fucking his hole is too delicious. He worships the tasty dong before eagerly riding it again and getting buggered from behind, a final humiliating cum facial making him desperate to wank out his own load.

Plastic Wrapped And Pumped With Cock

Little Tommy is angelic, but devious Giorgio knows how to make the boy spit that cum from his long tanned cock. The boy has been prepped, wrapped tightly in plastic, his dick soon released for greedy Giorgio to play with and tease. That long twinky dick really wants to spurt some juice but Giorgio is going to take his time, sucking the head and wanking the shaft, stopping when he can taste the precum flowing heavily and turning his attention to the boy’s hole. With an opening made for his rampant meat to slide right in he fucks his captive real good, slamming his snug little hole with his stiff length until he can’t stop his own dick from unleashing that thick cream. He makes a big sticky mess and jabs his gooey cock right back inside to seed the boy, but it’s not over for Tommy yet. Finally edged to his own load his semen erupts from his desperate length, jacked in Giorgio’s hand while semen pours from his helmet and his dom’s load leaks from his used bareback ass.

Pleasing His Hung Master Cock

Evan has been obediently working while Master Aaron supervises, but his duties soon change when the handsome rough top needs his cock sucked. Evan worships the engorged length, making the jock meat glisten with spit and pre, but Master needs more than a greedy mouth. He doesn't want to make it too easy on his boy, licking out his ass just enough to get his raw thick cock inside with one hard thrust. Riding master's meat and getting it deeper on his back Evan splashes his reward first, soon drenched with Master's heavy pumping load spewing out and smeared all over his smooth body.

Slutty Boy Hole Needs Big Cock

Francis is a greedy little sub, he’s craving a big juicy uncut cock and his master Francis has the tool for him. The boy crawls on the floor with a tail plug in his hole, it’s clear he needs to be fed and you can bet Giogio is going to give him that meat. With his obedient boy slavishly toying with the growing cock in his briefs he’s soon ready to stuff that big uncut dong into the twink’s mouth, but you know that’s not all. With lots of lube for his slutty boy hole Giorgio eases his raw cock into that pucker, fulling his submissive dick lover with his drooling meat, fucking the boy from behind and flipping him over for some deeper thrusts. By the time he’s done Francis has a hot mess of splooge all over his cute face, but you know his hunger for that big cock is never fully satiated.

Obedient Pup Services Hung Master

Hung dom boy Mark doesn’t waste a moment, leading his pup into the den and making the boy nuzzle his big bulge in his shorts. Antu is compliant enough but with a juicy leaking uncut cock like the one his master has it’s understandable that he’d be slurping it the moment the tape was ripped from his mouth and the hard dong was presented. With his slim wrists bound and that dick in his face Antu works hard to please his master, but he knows his tight little hole will be needed. Bent over, licked out and stuffed with a plug Antu is worked open for that big raw cock, his hung dom filling him up and buggering him from behind. The standing fuck and missionary delivers even more pleasure but the boy isn’t allowed to jack his dick while Mark owns him and pumps his hot cream all over the boy’s balls.

Sharing The Bound Slutty Boy

Naked twink Cesar can struggle all he likes, he can’t escape the attention of dom boys Fabrice and Sly and they won’t be letting him go until they’ve made use of him. His long cock is soon throbbing up to hardness in wanking hands and his pert little ass is groped and slapped, but with a toy in his pucker and a mouth gobbling his dick he’s soon craving more. They won’t let him cum no matter how much he wants it, he’s going to have to satisfy their needs before they’ll give him the release his engorged meat desires. The boys take turns, filling his tight hole with their raw meat and sucking his leaking stiffy as it throbs and twitches, ravaging the pale little guy until Fabrice steals position between them, taking the rigid dick of Sly while he’s pounding the boy with his own desperate tool. With a final thrusting from inked lad Sly they finally give their prisoner the satisfaction he needs, making their twink spurt his warm cream, finishing with a mess of their own as the two bathe his well-fucked rump with their matching cum spurts, smearing his slutty cheeks with their sticky goo.

Stealing His Twink Cock Cream

With Felix tightly wrapped up in plastic sexy young dom Will tears a hole for the boy’s growing meat, giving it some good wanks and making the swollen tip drip clear juice in anticipation of the pleasure to come. He won’t let that cock unleash its mess just yet, though. He’s soon turning his attention to the bound twink’s hot little pucker, his penis thick and drooling in his shorts. The boy’s ass cheeks are clenched but Will can sneak a toy inside that slippery little pucker to ease him open, making his captive even more desperate for his own release. Will’s thicker uncut dick is soon taking its place and filling the boy up, fucking his captured toy from behind with his swollen bareback nob. Felix can only endure the fucking, but it’s clear his throbbing dick is on the edge of busting that twink cock cream out when Will starts sucking him again. The boy can’t hold it in for long, the wet pleasure surrounding his bell end is too much to stand, finally slinging his goo from his swollen prick and taking a messy coating from Will’s meat too.

Fucked Raw By A Jock Dom

What could have become a fight soon becomes something hornier when aggressive butt fucker Ethan finds Oliver having a smoke in the old abandoned warehouse. Within moments he's got the boy against the wall with his ass out, his hard uncut meat quickly jabbing into him between his warm fleshy butt cheeks. Blond boy Oliver might not have expected to become a dude's bitch but he ain't complaining, taking the opportunity to suck the pre from the big piece of fuckmeat before it's jammed up his hole again. Totally naked and impaling his ass down on the bare meat Oliver savors being the submissive bottom Ethan clearly knew he was, finishing up with cum splashed all over his fit body.

Slave For A Bareback Threesome

Italo is a greedy boy, which is a good thing considering his friends Will and Cesar have a couple of big bareback cocks and a kinky attitude to go with them. The boy is bound by the wrists and stripped, his plump ass and uncut cock exposed for their enjoyment. With boners thrust in his face he's obliged to suck on his two horny young masters, but it's soon clear he's gonna get more than just a taste. Bent over and stuffed with raw young meat the boy gets it good and deep, but things only get more intense when the train fucking starts. It's no wonder sub bottom Italo is splashing a good load after getting both those dom boy boners up his chute.

Breeding Makes The Boy Cum

Nico has no chance of escaping, the ropes are far too tight. In seconds he’s on his knees and has young dom Felix’s cock bulge rubbing in his face. Felix teases the boy with his package, finally relenting and slamming his hard and wet dick between the boy’s lips. Nico does his best to please his young master but he knows he’s going to have to submit fully to the young man’s demands. After gagging on his big bent dick the boy is made to stand, like a piece of meat hanging for Felix to play with. His smooth little cheeks are too sexy to ignore and with some good slaps Felix makes them glow red and sore. That’s only the start of the torment. His big bare boner is soon slipping up there, the fleshy cheeks rubbing his exposed wet cock head as he eases in and pushes past the boy’s tight hole, filling him up with his leaking meat. The boy can complain all he likes but his own big dick is so stiff, and he’s not trying to flee when Nico releases him to lay him back and pound that pucker some more. Felix pulls out and spurts, but the dom boy isn’t done. He slams his cock right back inside, breeding the sub with the last of his cream and making young Nico bust out his own hot splashing mess over his smooth body.